Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Raining Leaves

Yesterday morning I headed out by Lennoxtown and returned along the Strathblane walkway. It was the coldest morning of the winter so far and the sharp frost resulted in a steady stream of golden leaves falling from the trees as I ran back to Lenzie.

Running has been going along okay and my general fitness is improving every week. Last week I decided to remove the small knee support I have had on since August and there has been no discomfort or pain since doing so.

Yesterday's run was 8 miles at an average of 7.40 a mile and I felt very comfortable at that pace. Still no plans for next year and I aim just to keep running 5/6 times a week up to Christmas and see how things are then.

I was reading John Kynaston's blog yesterday and he mentioned the Tour De France and a forthcoming movie following the race. I have always been a keen follower of the race since I started watching it on Channel 4. In the early 80's Channel 4 introduced the British public to the Tour and the main reason they started covering the race - Robert Miller.

Robert Miller was born and raised in Glasgow and went on to become one of the world's greatest mountain climbers winning the King of the Mountains jersey in the Tour and finishing fourth overall. I mentioned to John that the book "Where is Robert Miller " is a must read for any sports fan.

It is a great insight into Miller's early years and his determination to get out of Glasgow and over to Europe to compete with the best. He was a loner who didn't mix with people and had no time for the press or officials. It's a great read and one all aspiring athletes should read as it lays out bare the level of commitment required to get to the pinnacle of any sport.

Surprisingly he agreed to do a documentary for Granada and they followed him for a year on and off as he prepared for the Tour. It was called Back in the High Life Again and the music to the programme was by Steve Winwood singing his song of the same title.

Robert Miller is one of the greatest sportsmen ever to come out of Scotland and reach the very top of his chosen sport. The clips below are of some of the documentary and Winwood singing the song.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Run Forrest Run

Watched Forrest Gump the other night and as well as being a great movie it has a fantastic soundtrack. Winner of 6 Oscars and numerous other awards it follows Forrest through some iconic American history with classic music. Track below is Jackson Browne and Running on Empty which is used when Forrest decides to go running from coast to coast.

One of his memorable quotes is '' life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get'' - how true.

My own running is plodding along and knee isn't too bad. I am now in my seventh week and running 2 days on 1 off. Longest run has been 8 miles at 8 min miles and yesterday was the first run I have done running between 7-7.30 min miles for 5 miles and felt comfortable.

I am also trying to reduce my weight and have now lost nearly a stone in 7 weeks. This has been achieved by just reducing the amount I eat especially bread and cutting out snacks, biscuits and crisps. That and the running has made the weight loss quite easy.

I will never get back to under 11 stone but somewhere between 11.5 and 12 would be great. This will also help my knee and other joints.

Plan to increase running to 3 on 1 off by mid October if everything is okay.