Wednesday, 24 November 2010


It is now 10 days since the operation to my left knee and today I removed the dressings and tape to reveal 3 small incisions healing very well. The picture above shows one of the small holes left healing.

The most important part now is that I allow the micro fractures to heal and that is why I have the crutches for 6 weeks.

It is only when you are put in this situation that you realise how restrictive it can be. Just doing small things that you take for granted becomes difficult. I can make a cup of tea then I can't carry it anywhere as both hands are on crutches and the same for any food I make, I have to eat it where I make it.

I have a cup with a lid now which makes it a bit easier rather than relying on help all the time.

Every day last week I carried out the 4 exercises 3 times a day and also iced the knee 3 times. The swelling has reduced considerably and the pain is only when I twist a certain way or accidentally put my left leg down with too much weight on it.

On Monday I went to the Physiotherapy Department at the Royal Infirmary and was given a new set of exercises and did 5 minutes easy peddling on an exercise bike.

No problems at the clinic and I have continued to do the exercises the last few days. I went back to the clinic today and continued with the exercises and the two measurements on my knee showed lots of improvement. I also did 15 minutes on the exercise bike with no adverse effects.

Last Saturday, using the crutches I went for a walk to the end of my street and back which is about 500m in total and my arms and hands were aching and I had to stop a few times.
I have been out each day since, gradually going further and I can now go a reasonable distance without stopping. I am not overweight and quite fit so using the crutches has been fine but if you were heavy and unfit it would be very difficult to go any great distance. Your hands and upper shoulders take all the weight and in the mornings I am aching in the upper body and my fists are sore to clench.

I have to use the crutches 24/7 and I am getting about fine with them now and yesterday I covered about 1 mile. That is the only exercise I do at this stage, but it allows me to get some fresh air.

On Sunday my golfing mates took me up to Tayport as it was the 3rd round of the winter golf tour I organise. I hired a buggy and only used my right foot to drive round watching them hack up the course. There are full reports and pictures on my other blog(link is at top of this site- hackers tour).

I am planning to drive in the next few days as the car is an automatic so I will only have to use my right foot to drive.

Anyway things are progressing along slowly but surely.

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