Sunday, 7 February 2010

Making plans for the summer

For the first time since before Christmas I have managed a few runs with the knee holding up, but sitting here reading various blogs about getting in 30+ mile runs,  I realise that no matter what I do now there is simply not enough time left for me to do anywhere near the training I was wanting to do for this year's Fling.

Since the 25th of January, I have walked, jogged and ran 68 miles.  Last Thursday I completed my first run without walking -4 miles and same on Friday and with 6 miles today in just under 50 mins and it was good to be running. The knee is not 100% but it is now possible to run and not be limping about in pain afterwards.

My original plan was to run the Fling as my first ultra but at the beginning of December when things were going along okay I entered a 50 km trail run in Florida called the Crooms Trail Run.  It is on the 3rd of April and I was planning to use it as my last long training run prior to the Fling when I am over there for the Easter holidays.

So at this moment I have decided to take it one day at a time with my training and I am not going to try and cram in runs and miles.  I will make up my mind mid-April with regards the Fling.  The run in Florida is still an option but that will also be left to the last minute and is dependent on what distance I am covering in  one go prior to going over to States.

Last week I sent off an entry form for the Speyside Run in August, so if things don't work out I have got some other options later in the summer.  I am also thinking about the Lairig Ghru in June.  The Ayr run in September is also an option and again I will see how other things pan out leading up to that one.

One of the things that has been in the back of my mind since I decided to do the Fling has been the distance for my first ultra - 53 miles.  Maybe the Lairig and Speyside at 28 miles and 35 miles are a more realistic target, especially starting from where I am now (longest run has been 16 miles way back on the 12th of December).  Time will tell.

So the tentative spring/summer plan is:
Crooms Trail 3 April 50 km
Fling 24 April 53 miles ???!!!
Lairig Ghru 27th June       28 miles
Speyside       28th Aug        35 miles
Ayr               18th Sep        44 miles  ???

It looks a lot but there are a few question marks and 2 out of the 5 is possibly a more realistic target.  


  1. Robert,

    l have got to agree with you, maybe the shorter distances is more senisble option at this stage in the game. Although you may well get round the fling you don't want to be killing yourself into the bargain think long term and get your base training going started again. Only my opinion though but your the man to make the call.

    Good luck whenever you decide.

    John the Jogger

  2. John
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your comments and advice - you know what runners are like always thinking what if or I will be okay but I have been running for long time and I know that I am way short of the training required but there is plenty of time for other races. Keep up the training for Fort William.