Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Open day success

Below is a copy of the email I sent out to everyone who helped on Sunday and made it such a success.

Well,what can I say. What a day for all members of Lenzie Golf Club. Today every prediction,hope and arm scribbling estimate was blown to pieces. Today was a huge day for the Club and  I don't think anyone would have predicted such a success, but it shows what can be done by all working together. It was great to see everyone working and pulling in the same direction and selling the Club to all who came today-fantastic and a great buzz in the club was evident throughout.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all who helped today,from the smartly dressed Juniors greeting the visitors all the way through to Barry and his staff in the kitchen you all gave 100%-well done,you all did the Club proud.

I would like to thank Bob and Roy for their help,as since November they have helped me plan today and thanks also to Billy McCartney who helped me get the idea started. I especially would like to thank Jim who has helped me from start to finish and to pull it all together-many thanks and your support was much appreciated.

The figures for today are as follows:

Gents 69
Ladies 9
Juniors 23
Youths 2
Social 6

Total 109


We must now work hard to keep these members this year and that is very important. New members night is on the 26th of March and we will start looking at ways to help integrate them into the Club and encourage them to become involved. We need to remember that if every new member spends £50 in the club that is another £5000 that we did not have at the start of the season.

On another note our visitors summer special is going great and we will now put up banners in place of the open day ones.

Once again a big thank you to all.



  1. Great numbers Robert. Well done to everyone involved. Hopefully the initial outlay in advertising and stuff becomes a mere drop in the ocean, when you balance the books at the end of the year.



  2. Thanks John
    We have made more than 10 times what our outlay was and some of that outlay is for visiting parties and that is ongoing all season. So it has been great for the club.