Monday, 23 November 2009

Easy Run

Monday 23rd Nov
5 m -40.56 (8.11/m)
Canal -Eastside-railway -Return
Easy run at 8am this morning and legs felt fine after weekends run  but a bit tired at end.
The six weeks I missed running from end of Sept have caused me to lose a fair amount of fitness as I was comfortably running 6.45-7.30 /miles to finding +8.00 /m a slog . 
Have decided to cut back on the amount of weekly runs and cycle or rest on days I don't run .
I have never done this before and in recent years have spent more time injured than I have running so we shall see how things go.
On a recent trip to America I read a interesting article about how many injuries are caused by weak hips and the core muscles around that area . I  have been using six exercises 3 times a day and have found them to have helped hugely with my hip and groin pain . When I started the exercises I found them very difficult but after one month I am completing them no problem .

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