Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cawder Loop

59.38-8.00 miles
A steady run down onto the canal and out to Torrance where I joined the path along to Cawder Golf Club. Did the loop around Cawder and back along canal into Kirkintilloch. Very mild today and after less than one mile the hat was off and tucked away.  I enjoyed the run today and have felt a lot more comfortable during the last few runs and not just slogging away feeling tired during and after each run.  Weather forecast for next few days and weekend is that it is to turn a lot colder but be more settled than it has been for the last few weeks.  Last week Craig finished his prelim exams and has been getting his results this week.  So far they have been very good and if they are all of a certain standard then his birthday and Christmas present is a new set of golf clubs.  He was custom fitted for new irons and woods at the Titleist fitting centre in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and we are now waiting to see if I have to order the new set or tell him to keep using the ones he has.  He has had 3 results out of 8 so still a long way to go yet he has been told!  Glad I am well past that stage in life .

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