Sunday, 13 December 2009

Close encounters with the wildlife.

Saturday 12th
Rowardennan- Inversnaid
Out in 1.12.45
Return in 1.13.15
A comfortable run out and back at 9 am with the weather cold but good for running in. Never bothered with any jacket even though there was an ice cold breeze coming over the water and I was glad I had not worn one, as once I got climbing up the loch side the trees sheltered me from any wind and I was fine. No problems on the run apart from a bit of tightness in my calf descending back to the car park, so I took my time not wanting to cause any serious damage. On my drive up to Rowardennan just past Strathblane I hit a pheasant head on and it smashed into my front grill, bounced onto the bonnet, smacked into the windscreen and disappeared over the roof. It all happened so quickly and I had no time to swerve and miss the unfortunate bird but when I arrived at the car park I discovered that my front grill was in bits where the bird had first made contact.  I was amazed at the amount of damage caused in a split second by such a small animal and wondered just what kind of damage a deer could do if you were to make similar contact. It wasn't my day for wildlife as while out on the run today I reached the Cailness burn where I  crossed the foot bridge and was trotting happily along when three black goats bounded out of the bushes with no warning  across the path, I literally  s..t myself as they ran in front of me some eight feet away and bounded down to the waters edge. The rest of the run to Inversnaid went very quick but I think it was the adrenaline pumping caused by my goat encounter. The exercises I mentioned below  on Thursday are now available to view online at Running Times if anyone wants to give them a go. The above photo is of Craig and me after this years golf  club presentation in November where Craig was awarded with the club junior champion trophy for the second year.

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