Saturday, 5 December 2009

Winter time on the West Highland Way.

West Highland Way 
1 hr 19  mins - out 
1 hr 28 mins - return
15.55 miles
Balmaha -Rowardennan car park then return.
Ran easy out to Rowardennan and felt fine at turn  where I had some beans and drink. Started back and felt fine until about a mile or so before Balmaha when all of a sudden legs got very heavy and stiff.  Was a bit drained at end and I think it was maybe a bit of  dehydration over the last few miles.  I am finding the time on my feet the main difference at this moment in time and the last 2 weekends are the longest I have been on my feet for maybe 15- 20 years.  In the past if I was running 12- 15 miles it would be all over in 1 hr 25-50 mins  on a Sunday run and my legs at this moment are a bit tired as time goes on.  My brother Alex  said to me 'how do you think you will feel with another 30+ miles to go?'  I replied 'it's not worth thinking about' and over the next  4 months hopefully my legs and body will become more accustomed to the time on the run.  The other big change for me is the type of terrain that the Fling is over as my runs tend to be on the road or canal paths and  this to will take time to get used to.  Nevertheless I enjoyed today's run and underfoot it was fine considering the recent rain and the loch seems to have got down quite a bit.  Off to Lundin Links tomorrow for round 3 of our winter league competition and the 4 hour walk should help with tomorrow's stiffness and if the golf score is bad I can always blame today's run.

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