Thursday, 3 December 2009

Marathon Boom in the 80's

In my earlier post I mentioned the marathon boom of the 80's and this article is from that peroid when Bob Dalglish was the organizer of the first few marathons and  they became a huge
 success . The above photo was from a 5 mile race in Rutherglen in 1983 that was getting used as  film for a STV drama and we all had to do numerous starts for the director. I am in my Springburn vest and the gentleman next to me is Danny Wilmoth who 6 years later became my father -in -law . Danny had grabbed me at the start and said lets run behind the two runners in black and white as they were the main actors to make sure we get in the film. So we made sure all our starts were next to them and we ended up in the drama when it was aired on tv.

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